November 29, 2018

SNB updated forms (LER_K Version 1.1 and LER_U Version 1.1) and the related documentation for large exposure reporting on group and parent company basis. The forms are in accordance with the large exposure rules and FINMA Circular 19/1 "Risk diversification – banks."

The changes cover quarterly or semi-annual reporting of large exposures of positions listed in the Capital Adequacy Ordinance (CAO) Article 100 Paragraph 4 and CAO Article 102. When completing the forms, banks can disregard intragroup positions with total exposure (column AE of form LER_[U/K]02) of less than 2% of their capital base (as defined for large exposures purposes). As per the updates, lower limit of 2% applies only to the intra-group positions rather than to all counterparties with total exposure of less than 2% of their capital base for calculation of the limit to large exposures (as stated in Version 1.0). The reporting frequency for LER_U is quarterly, with the form being valid from March 31, 2019. The reporting frequency for LER_K is semi-annual, with the date of validity being June 30, 2019. Data are collected by SNB in cooperation with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.


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