November 19, 2018

IOSCO published a report on the findings of an updated survey on the principles for the regulation and supervision of commodity derivatives markets. The results show that respondent IOSCO members are not only broadly compliant with the IOSCO principles for regulation and supervision of commodity derivatives markets but have also made substantial progress toward achieving full compliance; in many cases, the members have strengthened their implementation of the principles.

The report provides a summary of the updated survey results and sets out the areas in which IOSCO members have achieved compliance through the implementation of regulatory reforms. Annexes to the report present results from the 2018 survey review exercise. Annex A shows that IOSCO members that have progressed toward achieving full compliance with the Principles by taking action to resolve those gaps previously identified in the 2012 and 2014 reports. Annex B provides a summary of the responding IOSCO members´ regulatory reforms, date of their implementation, and the effect toward compliance with the principles.

The survey provided an opportunity for IOSCO members to self-audit their regulatory practices and identify the measures that could help them comply with the principles. IOSCO members from the EU member states prepared a joint response to the survey. This report represents the third review conducted by IOSCO on the implementation of the principles, following previous reviews conducted in 2012 and 2014. IOSCO believes this third review satisfies the original request by the G20 Leaders, and, unless the G20 requests a further review, this report constitutes the final implementation review.

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Keywords: International, Securities, Commodity Derivatives, Regulation and Supervision, Survey, IOSCO