March 27, 2019

SBIF published instructions for the new regulatory files for the control of credit limits referred to in article 84 of the General Banking Law, within the framework of instructions contained in the Information System Manual. Banks must report this information on a monthly basis. SBIF also published a questions and answers (Q&A) document summarizing the key queries received during public consultation. The consultation on the instructions took place at the end of 2018.

Through the new files, banks must report the following type of information:

  • In file D55, the status of operations with related persons for each banking business day as well as the exposure to the groups that comprise them, the possible collateral involved and the effective equity considered for control purposes.
  • In file D56, the status of the operations of those debtors whose sum of obligations affects the individual credit limit is equal to or greater than 5% of the bank's effective equity (defined as a control threshold for these purposes), for each banking business day of the reference month.
  • In file D57, the status of the operations owed by other banks, for each banking business day.
  • Table No. 104 "Operations subject to credit limits", has been added, which characterizes the type of operations reported according to the provisions of Chapter 12-3 of the updated Compilation of Standards.
  • Additionally, the new file I13 "List of related persons" is created, which replaces the current I02 file. This new file will make it possible to better characterize the type of relationship of the persons or entities with the bank. 

The reporting of the new files will begin in October 2019, with the information referring to the month of September 2019.


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