December 18, 2018

CBB published a list of the expected consultations for 2019. These proposed rules would be a part of the CBB policy to enhance transparency and raise awareness on its regulatory development initiatives. CBB encourages banks to follow prudent practices and promptly communicate with it on the relevant policy matters in the best interests of the financial stability in Bahrain.

The following are the list of expected consultations related to various Basel standards and guidelines:

  • Credit Risk Management Module, revised as per IFRS 9 and Basel III
  • Capital Adequacy Module, Part 2: Credit Risk, revised as per Basel III
  • Enhanced Operational Risk Management Module
  • Enhanced High Level Controls Module in line with Basel Corporate Governance Principles
  • Supervisory Review Process, as part of Basel III
  • Public Disclosure Module, revised as per Basel III
  • New requirements on Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book for Volume 1 (for conventional banks) and Rate for Return Risk in the Banking Book for Volume 2 (for Islamic banks)


Related Link: Notification (PDF)

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