December 10, 2018

Deutsche Bundesbank published Version 6.0 of its handbook for AnaCredit validations to improve consistency in reporting. A table at the beginning of the updated version of handbook details the changes made to the validation rules. The changes cover deletion, removal, addition, renaming, and temporary deactivation of the validation rules.

AnaCredit regulation (EU Regulation No 2016/867) on the collection of granular credit and credit risk data was approved in May 2016. Analytical Credit Dataset, or AnaCredit, comprises the collection of granular credit data based on harmonized ECB statistical reporting requirements. The objective is to establish a common granular credit database shared between the Eurosystem members, comprising input data for all euro area member states. The AnaCredit data will support the ECB and central banks in performing their central banking and supervisory functions, including monetary policy analysis and operations, risk management, financial stability surveillance, statistics, macro-prudential policy, and research.


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