August 22, 2017

EC published Decision (EU) 2017/1493 of the ECB, which amends Decision ECB/2014/29 on the provision, to the ECB, of supervisory data reported to the national competent authorities by the supervised entities, pursuant to Commission Implementing Regulation, or CIR, (EU) No 680/2014. This Decision is addressed to the national competent authorities of the participating member states and shall take effect on the day of its notification to the addressees.

National competent authorities shall submit the data reported to them, pursuant to Implementing Regulation (EU) No 680/2014 by institutions included in the list of institutions covered by the reporting to EBA, pursuant to Article 2 of Decision EBA/DC/2016/156 in accordance with Article 3(1)(1)(d) beginning with the first remittance dates, which occur after Decision (EU) 2017/1493 (ECB/2017/23) takes effect. The amended Decision ECB/2014/29 stipulates rules for providing supervisory data reported to the national competent authorities by supervised entities, pursuant to CIR (EU) No 680/2014. Decision ECB/2014/29 should cover the information to be reported by supervised entities on the basis of Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/2070, which lays down reporting requirements for institutions permitted to use internal approaches for the calculation of risk-weighted exposure amounts or own funds requirements, except for operational risk. The institutions are required to report the results of calculations of their internal approaches for their exposures or positions that are included in the benchmark portfolios provided by EBA. Therefore, Decision ECB/2014/29 is being amended as follows:

The title is replaced as, ‘Decision of the European Central Bank of 2 July 2014 on the provision to the ECB of supervisory data reported to the national competent authorities by the supervised entities pursuant to CIR (EU) No 680/2014 and (EU) 2016/2070 (ECB/2014/29) (2014/477/EU)’

Article 1, article 3, paragraph 1 of article 4, and paragraph 1 of article 6, have been amended

Article 7a specifying the information on first reporting has been inserted 


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