August 10, 2018

OSFI is proposing revisions to the Leverage Ratio Disclosure Requirements guideline. The revisions incorporate a new line to capture the treatment of securitized assets that meet the operational requirements for recognition of significant risk transfer. They reflect the proposed changes to the Leverage Requirements guideline and the Capital Adequacy Requirements (CAR) guideline. Comments should be provided by September 21, 2018.

Both domestic systemically important banks (D-SIBs) and non-D-SIBs should implement the revised disclosures for reporting for the first quarter of 2019. This date aligns with the implementation date of the proposed changes to the Leverage Requirements and CAR guidelines. Disclosures are to be made at the same frequency as, and concurrently with, the publication of the financial statements. For those institutions that do not publish financial statements, the Leverage Ratio disclosures should be provided at the same frequency as the publication of their Pillar 3 disclosures.


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Comment Due Date: September 21, 2018

Keywords: Americas, Canada, Banking, Leverage Ratio Disclosures, Securitization, OSFI