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    Trade and Commodity Finance Masterclass

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    Apr 27 - 29

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    This three-day course provides the tools and techniques of trade and commodity finance through real life examples.

    Course Agenda

      This course is an introduction to the tools and processes of trade and commodity finance (TCF). Participants explore this specialized area of international finance and assess the risks involved in international trade in a structured manner. They learn techniques to mitigate and/or transfer risk between the parties involved in these transactions. The differing roles and requirements of importers, exporters, traders, insurers, and bankers will be examined. A practical approach is taken with many real life examples throughout the workshop.

    Gain insights into trade and commodity finance so you can:

    • Identify the key risks to which importers and exporters are exposed.
    • Select trade finance products which best meet customer needs.
    • Evaluate the risk mitigation characteristics of the products.
    • Propose trade financing structures acceptable to bankers and their clients.

    Who Attends?

    • TCF managers and support staff
    • Credit analysts
    • Wholesale bankers working in and with the emerging markets
    • Internal auditors
    • Letter of credit staff looking to update their knowledge and expand their product base
    • Relationship managers
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    Find a Course Near You

    Apr 27 - 29