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    Problem Credits: Early Warning Signs and Restructuring

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    What is Problem Credits: Early Warning Signs and Restructuring?

      Problem credits, how to identify them early and deal with them effectively has always been relevant for lenders. However, in the current economic climate it is even more immediate and necessary.

      This course begins by covering the key factors that cause companies to become financially distressed. It emphasizes the various early warning signs that lenders must be aware of and the importance of quickly identifying companies that are having problems to limit value destruction and improve recovery rates for lenders. Signs include understanding how and when cash flows become distressed, as well as measuring and assessing liquidity through a downturn. This course discusses the roles of covenants and collateral, including how they can fail to protect lenders. Finally, the course works through the measures that must be taken to resolve financial distress. The course uses a single case study based on a real company. It follows it through three separate phases:

    • Early stage financial distress
    • Cash crisis
    • Restructuring and bankruptcy
    • At each stage, the participants have to work through the issues the company faces and decide (i) what alternatives are available; and (ii) which are the most appropriate and why.

    What skills will you gain by taking this course?

    • Recognize how credits behave through an economic/sector cycle
    • Recognize deterioration of credit quality early enough for efficient response
    • Identify creative accounting and understand a company’s true financial performance
    • Assess a company’s liquidity position and the factors that may cause it to deteriorate
    • Understand the role of covenants and collateral and their ability to improve recovery rates for lenders
    • Create an effective plan of action to address troubled situations and maximize recovery.

    Who should attend this course?

    • Bankers
    • Bondholders
    • Underwriters
    • Credit analysts
    • Private placement investors
    • Bond researchers (both buy and sell sides)
    • Corporate treasurers
    • Correspondent banking officers
    • Relationship managers

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