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    What is Pitching for Business?

      Pitching for Business is a one-day course that enhances your pitching skills and provides constructive feedback to ensure pitches are delivered in the most effective manner possible. Participants must prepare a pitch as a prerequisite based on an existing client from whom you would like to win the business.

      The course begins with each participant showing and discussing their video pitch in small groups. Each delegate will then receive feedback. Following this, the course dives into critical areas to research, including the clients industry and background, as well as building rapport and anticipating objections. The course ends with each participant taking into account the feedback they received from previous pitches to ensure a more impactful delivery.

    What skills will you gain by taking this course?

    • Identify and adapt pitching techniques to meet client needs and requirements
    • Tailor the pitch to take account of the length and depth of the client relationship
    • Articulate the Bank’s message specifically to the client’s needs
    • Understand participants’ own and clients body language
    • Effectively handle client objections, avoid dead-ends and have powerful conversations
    • Identify when and how Relationship Managers should be brought in to the pitching process
    • Effectively follow-up a pitch, in order to advance to the next stage

    Who should attend this course?

    • Product Managers
    • Relationship Managers
    • Team Leaders – groups of 8 participants to ensure effective interactive participation

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