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    Optimizing Cash Flow: Advising Small Business Clients

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    What is Optimizing Cash Flow?

      Optimizing Cash Flow demystifies conversations about cash flow and cash flow management. During this four-session course, you’ll gain “behind the scenes” insights into business management decisions and learn a structured, reliable framework for planning and leading comprehensive discovery conversations with the owners and financial managers of small and midsize companies.

      The course begins with an online simulation, during which you’ll “sit in the owner’s chair” of a growing, seasonal small business. As you complete the simulation, you’ll make decisions about customer orders, vendor purchase orders, and equipment acquisition and observe the impact of your decisions on cash flow, profitability, and balance sheet accounts.

      The second session builds upon the simulation, focusing on cash flow drivers and cash flow timing differences – what causes them, how they resolve, and how they drive a business’s borrowing needs and repayment capacity. The third session explores back-office management of payment cycle transactions and the bank products and services that facilitate them. In the final session, you’ll receive a conversation guide and practice conducting discovery conversations that address cash flow and cash flow management challenges.

    What do you get from taking the course?

    • Explain how business activities and cash flows are represented in simple financial statements and financial performance measures
    • Identify cash flow drivers and their impact on a business’s cash available for operations, borrowing appetite, and repayment capacity
    • Generate (with client input) a month-to-month cash forecast
    • Accurately identify bank payment, collection, and reporting solutions that will improve a business’s cash flow and activity
    • Explain why a line of credit is not the best solution for every borrowing need
    • Plan and lead structured conversations that uncover clients’ goals, strategies, plans, operational challenges, cash cycles, and financial needs

    Who should attend this course?

    • Personal bankers
    • Assistant branch managers
    • Branch managers
    • Small business bankers
    • Business banking relationship managers
    • Credit analysts (early in role)
    2021 Course Dates and Locations

    Find a Course Near You

    No course available at this time.