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    Liquidity Analysis and Refinancing Risk for Corporates

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    Feb 3

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    This one-day course examines the central position of liquidity in a company's operating cycle and the credit evaluation process.

    Course Agenda

      The current credit correction has brought the issue of liquidity to the fore. This intermediate level program examines the pivotal role of internal and external cash availability in a company's operating cycle and credit evaluation process. It considers the threat posed by timing delays and rollover risk and how commercial, economic, and documentary factors can enhance or limit a business's financial flexibility. It also addresses the manner in which our sister company, Moody's Investors Service incorporates the issue of access to liquidity in ratings.

    Gain skills in liquidity analysis so you can:

    • Recognize internal and external sources of cash for a business.
    • Evaluate the interplay between the operations, trade, and lending activities in a firm.
    • Understand the effect of market and macro-economic factors on liquidity.
    • Assess the status of documents in creating and mitigating risk.
    • Establish a framework for analyzing liquidity issues in a company.

    Who Attends?

    • Credit professionals and other financial specialists
    • Bankers
    • Debt analysts
    • Structured loan investors
    • Financial officers
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    Find a Course Near You

    Feb 3