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    ESG Risk Assessment for Lenders & Asset Managers

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    What is ESG Risk Assessment for Lenders & Asset Managers?

      Discussions around various risks related to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) have become increasingly important. Companies are dealing with changing behaviors and habits that are altering business practices. Even more urgently, banks are managing the unfolding crisis of changing asset values and associated credit risks from both a lending and asset management perspective.

      This course provides delegates with an understanding of sustainable financing and investing with special attention given to ESG considerations. Discussions will focus on their applicability to credit analysis and credit portfolio management. Background context will be provided on critical concepts, including ESG Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and quality, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) impact, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) scope, climate risk forecasting, engagement and proxy voting, United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) reporting, and upcoming regulation.

      The course demonstrates the relevance and materiality of these topics. Case studies will discuss what banks and asset managers are doing to survive, thrive and protect their clients. The course provides the breadth and depth of knowledge in this growing space.

    What skills will you gain by taking this course?

    • Protect the value of a bank’s asset portfolio, including that of its loan book
    • Make sound investment and lending decisions from a more sustainable perspective
    • Manage the risks associated with ESG-related issues, especially credit risk
    • Apply solid sustainability research, including ESG quality, SDG impact and CO2 analysis, to underwriting and asset management businesses
    • Interpret and overcome the quality issues related to ESG/SDG/CO2 data sets
    • Implement a sustainable research, investment and selection process (from ESG/SDG analysis to engagement and proxy voting and reporting) in underwriting and asset management businesses
    • Write a PRI report (as every PRI signatory is required to perform)
    • Design transparent sustainability reporting for your bank, fund, loan book, asset management company

    Who should attend this course?

    • Portfolio/asset/fund managers
    • Credit analysts
    • Ratings advisors
    • Equity analysts
    • Credit risk professionals
    • Asset owners
    • Investment and commercial bankers
    • Financial regulators
    • Banking supervisors

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