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    This two-day intermediate to advance level course is designed to equip you with an understanding of current trends in data analytics and how you can strategically leverage them in your organization. While it is not a pre-requisite, it builds on Moody’s introductory course, Data Analytics in Financial Institutions.

    Course Agenda


      The seminar begins by introducing a quantitative and qualitative analytical framework, and considers the various accounting rules and regulations specific to the sector. The course then dives into the bank operating environment, profitability measures, capital issues, and notching. After examining credit, market, liquidity, and management risks, real bank failures are investigated to uncover insights. The course concludes with a comprehensive exercise that incorporates all topics covered. A combination of short presentations, discussions, exercises, and case studies.

    Gain advanced skills in bank risk analysis so you can:

    • Apply a structured framework to analyze banking institutions.
    • Identify and interpret key ratios.
    • Evaluate a bank from its published financial information.
    • Understand the objectives of bank regulations and capital standards.
    • Analyze various elements of regulatory capital, including hybrid securities.
    • Detect early warning signals of deteriorating credit quality.

    Who Attends?


    • Employees who use data and analytics to identify and solve business problems
    • Business and IT leaders who are responsible for recommending and implementing the data management strategies and technology that will help their businesses compete in the marketplace.

      NOTE: This is not a technical course. It does not provide hands-on instruction in the area of analytics development.

    2021 Course Dates and Locations

    Find a Course Near You

    No course available at this time.