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    Cyber Risk Management for Executives

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    The networked economy is creating exponentially increasing digital value that is fueling global businesses and transforming business models. Over 75% of Global Market Capitalization is driven by intangible assets. This transformation also creates new business risks and regulatory liabilities that boards, officers and executives must represent in financial terms to shareholders.

      Starting with the history of cyber risk, the course provides an understanding of the many vectors that contribute to the growing cyber risk within organizations along with the regulatory liabilities. In addition to understanding the evolution and definition of cyber risk, which is one of the most dynamic and complex business risks, the course defines the components that make up the most popular frameworks used by executives and organizations to assess and manage cyber risk. Managing cyber risk requires engaging the organization and defining ongoing tasks, reports and communications. The course explores the role of executives and board members in preparing for a breach to decrease a company’s exposure within the context of growing global data protection regulations.

    Attendees to this seminar will be able to:

    • Understand the new lending paradigm today with the inclusion of the FinTech firms in the financial services industry
    • Gain an understanding of the regulation and liabilities to effectively manage cyber risk
    • Attain insights to develop new insurance products and revenue generating services for cyber risk management
    • Enhance consultative sales processes by helping navigate the complex cyber risk landscape for customers, while developing stronger and more profitable customer relationships
    • Build knowledgeable organizational structures that are more effective at understanding assessing and managing cyber risk
    • Development of interdepartmental cyber risk communications processes and skills to implement manageable frameworks
    • Understand the roles and engagement levels within the organization that are required for cyber risk management
    • Explore standard processes for reducing and transferring risk in addition to establishing plans in preparation for breaches

    Who Should Attend?

      This course is aimed at professionals in the financial services industry. Board members, senior executives, risk & compliance officers, and managers for various functions should be the main audience of this program.
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    No course available at this time.