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    What is Commercial Real Estate Analysis Foundations?

      This two-day course presents a framework for understanding commercial real estate (CRE) analysis and provides you with the techniques to reduce risk and improve your decision-making and loan structuring skills.

      Commercial Real Estate Analysis Foundations provides you with an end-to-end loan underwriting process for CRE finance and banking. The course begins with a framework to evaluate and mitigate credit risk, then explores various property types and discusses external and property-specific risks. The program addresses cash flow analysis, asset coverage, financial ratios, and property valuation approaches to help determine the CRE loan amount and concludes with CRE loan underwriting and loan structuring options. Case studies and group projects will be included throughout both days of the course.

    What skills will you gain by taking this course?

    • Recognize the credit risks associated with commercial real estate (CRE).
    • Define the different types of income-generating properties and their primary characteristics.
    • Assess the property-specific and external risks associated with lending against commercial properties.
    • Evaluate the quality of income sources associated with commercial real estate.
    • Structure historical and projected property cash flow statements, and assess the ability of the property to generate sufficient cash flow.
    • Perform meaningful sensitivity analyses with financial ratios to determine an appropriate loan amount.
    • Assess the ability of a property to generate sufficient cash flow to keep loans current in less-than-ideal circumstances.
    • Properly use commercial real estate appraisals.
    • Make sound, defensible lending decisions, and put in place solid loan structures.

    Who should attend this course?

    • Analysts and underwriters
    • Investment and commercial bankers
    • Relationship managers
    • CRE professionals

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