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    What is Asset and Liability Management?

      Asset and Liability Management is a three-day course that reviews the critical role of asset and liability management in optimizing a financial institution’s liquidity and capital structure.

      This course reviews the pivotal role of asset and liability management in the enterprise-wide risk management of a financial institution. Using case studies that mimic real-life scenarios faced by ALM practitioners, learners gain a strong understanding of how asset and liability management can optimize a financial institution’s portfolio and support organizational success.

    What will you learn by taking this course?

    • Define how bank treasury management is critical to achieving the bank’s objectives.
    • Discuss the implications and optimization of a bank’s capital structure.
    • Examine the bank’s fund transfer pricing system and its impact on the bank’s performance.
    • Identify risks to the balance sheet caused by stakeholder behavior.
    • Discuss going concern and contingency liquidity plans.
    • Calculate and apply standard and key market risk metrics.
    • Identify the treatment of interest rate risk on the banking book under the Pillar 2 supervisory review and evaluation process.
    • Identify and manage interest and currency rate risk on the balance sheet.
    • Evaluate the management of capital.

    Who should attend this course?

    • Asset and liability managers
    • Treasury staff
    • Business analysts
    • Investment banking analysts
    • Financial analysts
    • Trading analysts
    • Capital market analysts
    • Portfolio analysts
    • Risk analysts
    • Risk managers
    • Senior managers

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