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    What is Advanced Corporate Credit Analysis?

      This three-day course builds on Moody’s Analytics “Fundamentals” and intermediate-level corporate credit courses to take credit professionals’ analysis skills to an advanced level.

      This program is designed to lift credit professionals’ analysis skills to an advanced level. It includes peer group analysis, market-based credit models, complex capital structures, event risk, and early warning signs.

      Each credit issue will be analyzed from theoretical and practical perspectives, using recent market examples for learners to assess cash flow and credit implications.

      The course concludes with a comprehensive case study designed to bring all the topics together in a real-world example.

    What skills will you gain by taking this course?

    • Evaluate credit risk in complex group structures
    • Use peer analyses to assess management’s strategies and determine an outlook for a company’s future
    • Assess complex capital structures and the related credit implications for each provider of capital
    • Describe the drivers behind ‘event risk’ and understand how to anticipate such issues and analyze a credit after one has occurred
    • Assess the appropriateness of a company’s M&A strategy
    • Identify early warning signs of financial distress

    Who should attend this course?

    • Commercial credit analysts
    • Commercial lenders and loan officers
    • Relationship managers
    • Fixed income professionals
    • Investors
    • Other financial professionals

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