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We offer over 200 open-enrollment courses each year, in major financial centers, on fundamental through advanced topics. Our courses deliver learning through practical application of technical concepts with extensive case study exercises. As well as public sessions, all our courses are offered on an in-house basis and can be tailored to specific needs. Request more information if you cannot find the course you need.

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Advanced Bank Risk Analysis

Advanced Bank Risk Analysis seminar is a three-day course that provides you with a structured framework for the comprehensive analysis of bank risk profiles in both developed and emerging markets. It builds on Fundamentals of Bank Credit Risk Analysis, although that course is not a prerequisite.

Advanced Commercial Real Estate Analysis

This two-day course builds on your CRE skills and knowledge to take you the expert level. It expands upon Commercial Real Estate Analysis Foundations, although that course is not a prerequisite.

Advanced Corporate Credit Analysis

This three-day course builds on Moody's Analytics “Fundamentals” and intermediate-level corporate credit courses to take credit professionals' analysis skills to an advanced level.

Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

This three-day course gives participants a detailed understanding of financial statements, in the context of rapidly changing standards, for assessing financial risk.

Analysis of Sovereign and Country Risk

This course covers the publicly available credit rating methodologies of our sister company, Moody's Investors Service, for a structured approach to assess sovereign and country risks in mature and developing markets.

Bank Credit Risk Analysis: Intermediate

This seminar will teach participants the framework and tools necessary for in-depth analysis of bank credit risk in both developed and emerging markets using Moody's bank rating (global rating method).

Bank Regulation: Impact and Implications of Evolving Regimes

The 2008 financial crisis and subsequent bank failures led to major global regulatory change. This two-day course introduces the architecture and details of new regulations.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

This two-day seminar will provides an overview of Blockchain technology and ecosystems, and the application of Blockchain in cryptocurrencies. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the Token Economy, its potential opportunities and disruption risks.

Capital Markets: Building Corporate Capital Structures

This one-day course examines the capitalization of non-financial corporations at key stages in their life cycle, focusing on private versus public shareholder structures.

Commercial Real Estate Analysis Foundations

This two-day course presents a framework for understanding Commercial Real Estate (CRE) analysis and provides you with the techniques to reduce risk and improve your decision-making and loan structuring skills.

Corporate Cash Flow Analysis

This three-day course focuses on the importance of cash flow analysis in the credit assessment process.

Corporate Credit Rating Analysis

This unique three-day course tackles intermediate to advanced corporate credit analysis, the framework for the Moody's Investors Service credit rating system, and the use of quantitative credit tools.

Corporate Debt Restructuring Learning Solution

This two-day course deals with the background and resolution of debt restructuring issues and reviews techniques for limiting exposure.

Corporate Governance: Applications and Implementation

This four-day workshop provides comprehensive and thoroughly practical training for introducing, enhancing, and updating governance practices in organizations.

Counterparty Credit Risk

This two-day course provides a review of the critical issues surrounding counterparty credit risk and other risks associated with over-the-counter (OTC) derivative contracts.

Covenants and Documentation

This one-day course tackles how financial professionals should review credit documentation, and what pitfalls to look out for in this process.

Credit Reasoning and Writing

This two-day course focuses on the preparation of credit approval documents that summarize an institution's credit risk exposure.

Enterprise Risk Management in Banks

This two-day course improves understanding and collaboration among key stakeholders in the risk management process.

Financial Analysis of Local Governments

This one-day course provides an in-depth workshop on the financial statements used in U.S. public finance.

Fundamentals of Bank Credit Risk Analysis

This course provides a foundation for analyzing banks in developed and emerging markets.

Fundamentals of Corporate Credit

This course, the first in the Moody's Analytics credit series, provides a solid foundation of best practice tools and techniques for fundamental credit analysis.

Fundamentals of FinTech

This two-day seminar provides a comprehensive overview of how FinTech is redefining several financial sectors and identifies FinTech's key building blocks. Participants will learn how to develop strategies to build their own FinTech products and businesses.

High Yield and Leveraged Finance Credit Analysis

This two-day course reviews the basics of high-yield debt while providing an overview of current issues for this area of securities.

High Yield Bond Covenants: A Practical Approach

This one-day course will review and analyze the key covenants used in high-yield bond documentation.

Inflation Products

This course covers the mechanics and applications of inflation-linked bonds and derivatives.

Insurance Credit Analysis

This course shows participants the framework and tools necessary to analyze the credit risk of insurance companies, utilizing the publicly available rating methodology of our sister company, Moody's Investors Service.

Insurance Technology (InsurTech)

This two-day course prepares participants for the digital transformation of the insurance industry. The rate of change is rapidly increasing; and the insurance industry is driven to meet this business challenge by finding opportunities and ways to deliver innovative solutions to customers.

Introduction to Fixed Income Derivatives

This two-day course provides participants with a thorough grounding in the major classes of fixed income derivatives.

Introduction to Fixed-Income Markets

This two-day course provides grounding in the major classes of fixed-income securities and clarifies the main concerns for issuers and investors.

Introduction to Public Finance

This two-day course provides a contextual framework for understanding U.S. public finance, and tools for analyzing key public finance credits.

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