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    RiskIntegrity™ Standard Formula (Pillars 1 and 3)

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    This course provides an overview of the RiskIntegrity tool and how to use it to calculate and report regulatory capital for Solvency II.

    Learning Objectives

    • Understand how insurance principles and Solvency II requirements are incorporated in the solution.
    • Distinguish between the modules and applications within the RiskIntegrity suite.
    • Understand the key technical features of the RiskFoundation platform.
    • Identify the main datamart tables used in RiskIntegrity.
    • Review the different types of assets, life liabilities, and non-life liabilities that are supported in RiskIntegrity and how they are managed.
    • Learn to configure risk calculation, consolidation, and reporting processes in RiskIntegrity.
    • Understand the regulatory calculation methodologies.

    Who Should Attend?

    • Sales (for introduction part)
    • Presales, functional, and/or technical consultants in charge of implementing RiskIntegrity
    • Project managers
    • Users at client site