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    CreditEdge™/Public Firm EDF Training – Online

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    This two-hour online training session via WebEx provides a practical understanding of the public firm EDF methodology and its application, using CreditEdge™, a Moody’s Analytics web-based application.

    Who Should Attend

      This seminar is targeted to credit professionals who wish to better understand the Moody's Analytics EDF model and its implementation in CreditEdge.


      Registered participants will receive the training materials in advance of the session.

    Registration Details

      There is no need to have your own WebEx account to participate in our trainings. To test if your computer is ready to attend a WebEx meeting, please click here.


      There is no cost to attend; however, you may need to make a toll call. Within the United States, the call is to a local United States area code. Outside the United States, WebEx has numerous access numbers.

    Learning Objectives

    • Understand the public firm EDF methodology and its implementation in CreditEdge.
    • Know the relationship between a public firm's capital structure, its market value of equity, and its market value of assets, and how those relationships can be used to calculate its probability of default.
    • Learn how to use CreditEdge to understand the drivers behind a firm's default risk, compare a firm with other firms or peer groups, and complete what-if and pro-forma analyses.


    • What is an EDF? What causes a firm to default?
    • EDF drivers: market value of assets, asset volatility, and default point
    • Calculating market value of assets: equity as a call option on assets
    • Calculating asset volatility
    • Calculating default point
    • Combining EDF drivers to calculate distance-to-default
    • Empirically mapping distance-to-default to EDF

    Registration closes at 3:00 PM EST the day before events.

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