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    To effectively manage risk and opportunities, banks, governments, investors, and other professionals must anticipate changing economic conditions. The US Précis Macro report provides timely research on principal dimensions of the US macroeconomy, plus approximately 250 economic variables and a detailed, five-year macroeconomic forecast.

    Access comprehensive analyses of key sectors of the US economy

    • In-depth analyses, including Mark Zandi's monthly economic outlook, offer trends and perspectives on the US macroeconomy.
    • Report includes coverage of US markets and industries, as well as federal, state, and local governments.
    • Data tables detail recent performance of money and financial markets, demographics and labor markets, prices, producers, and more.
    • Identify key risks, strengths, and weaknesses across all sectors of the US economy.

    Forward-looking macroeconomic insights benefit strategic plans and risk management initiatives

    • Identify investment opportunities and manage risks by analyzing key trends across major sectors of the US economy.
    • Evaluate the impact of fiscal and monetary policy changes on the US and US regional economies.
    • Manage exposure to potential risks in areas facing significant economic challenges.
    • Allocate resources efficiently, based on timely economic analysis and near-term outlook.

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