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    Tax Risk Catalyst

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      Tax Risk Catalyst is a robust, single platform that helps tax administrations improve their processes for tax risk detection and investigation. It brings together diverse sources of information to provide tax administrations with a greater insight about taxpayers – within or outside their tax jurisdictions.

      With our award-winning Orbis database, tax data and sophisticated algorithms, Tax Risk Catalyst can perform tax risk assessment to help identify high-risk profiles and potential areas of tax avoidance or evasion.


      With Tax Risk Catalyst, you can:

    • Use tax data to identify taxpayers needing further investigation
    • Compare and spread tax scores (corporate group and company specific)
    • Add targets by profiles into your portfolio and monitor/manage them
    • Investigate in detail ownership structures, financials, M&A, and current & historical IP
    • Screen a company’s risk profile according to your standards and report on it
    • Create and customize tax modeling for the target company
    • Use the advance search criteria and batch search to input and identify in-house companies

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    Key Features

    • An integrated solution that combines entity data, data from our tax risk solution and risk algorithms – all in one place.

    • Leverages our award-winning Orbis database, with information on over 425 million entities across the globe, for unparalleled investigative power

    • Access data on beneficial ownership, corporate structure, contacts and directors, M&A, cross-border investment, patent, royalty rate, innovation strength, financial strength, and sanctions

    • Leverage sophisticated algorithms based on Orbis data to help identify companies, corporate groups, and individuals with a high potential for tax avoidance or tax evasion

    • Efficiently calculate tax risk without leaving the platform, with the help of basic corporate tax rate information

    • Use algorithms to score the tax risk associated with individual companies and corporate groups, based on their ownership structures, international tax themes, operational complexity and corporate behavioral risks.

    Key Benefits

  • Gain a better understanding of taxpayers, particularly those with operations beyond your jurisdictional borders.
  • Identify companies, corporate groups, and individuals with the potential risk of tax avoidance or tax evasion
  • Create greater efficiencies in taxpayer review and case-selection processes
  • Improve chances of success on audit cases and help reduce the tax gap
  • Identify taxpayer trends and patterns that can help guide tax policy