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    Supply Chain Catalyst

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    The next generation data and analytics platform for supplier risk management

      Supply Chain Catalyst is a proprietary analytics and data platform for monitoring and managing supplier risk. The solution helps corporations and governments to identify structural vulnerabilities and anticipate potential disruptions in their supply chain by providing a holistic view of suppliers across financial, operational, compliance, ownership, reputational, geopolitical, sustainability, ESG and cyber risk factors.

      Supply Chain Catalyst is a second-generation solution, integrating risk data on over 450 million public and private entities globally from our award-winning Orbis database, with industry-leading risk assessment capabilities, which have long been valued by our customers. This combination enables a multi-faceted, robust and efficient supplier risk segmentation, monitoring and management process.

      We cover all types of entities and businesses, including private and public sector, education, not-for-profit, governments, sole proprietors, etc.. Within this dataset, over 45 million records have detailed financial statements available – the largest global source of this data commercially available.

    Product Brochure

    With Supply Chain Catalyst you can:


    » Quickly measure, prioritize and mitigate supplier risk exposures

    » Get an easy-to-present risk dashboard / scorecard for individual suppliers or across whole portfolios

    » Generate configurable reports, analytical graphs, workflows and notifications

    » Perform supplier segmentation analysis to focus on the most important risks

    » Leverage corporate structure linkages across your supply chain to also monitor subsidiaries

    » Use ESG and climate scores along with assessments to inform your responsible sourcing and sustainability strategy

    » Screen suppliers and identify those in watchlists, with politically exposed persons, sanctions, and adverse media to manage anti-corruption, as well as other compliance and reputational risks

    » Assess cybersecurity risk posed by critical suppliers and monitor their performance over time with cybersecurity ratings by BitSight

    » Create and customize your own alerts to monitor your supply chain, minimizing informational white noise


    Key Benefits

    We aggregate, standardize and analyze global data from disparate sources to allow you to assess, prioritize and - where necessary - mitigate key supplier risks.


    » We process data on financial health, operational, ownership, compliance, geopolitical, reputational, ESG/sustainability, natural disasters and cyber risk


    » Supplier Performance Risk Score uses financial analysis to predict the near-term operational performance risk of a supplier. The score can help you prepare for potential supplier issues such as late deliveries, quality problems, or cost increases. The quantitative nature of the score enables you to prioritize these issues, based on your organization’s risk tolerance and relative importance of a particular supplier. You can then take actions using a built-in menu of mitigation options tied to different supplier risk levels.


    » Using easy to interpret data, scores and recommendations, you can prioritize risks, based on your company’s risk profile and tolerance


    » For highest-priority risks, we offer a menu of mitigation options that are sensitive to your resource level


    We are channel agnostic, and our solution is available via a range of delivery channels. You can choose how you access and analyze our data and insights, whether via our product interface, our range of Connectors (i.e. SAP Ariba) or through bulk data feeds.