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    Structured Finance Portal DataViewer Module

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    Moody’s Analytics Structured Finance Portal’s DataViewer module is a fast, cloud-based, customizable data visualization solution that improves data sharing, analysis and comparison across structured products and asset lending industries.

    Key Features

    • Quickly analyze loan-level performance across structured products and whole loans.
    • Improve quality and consistency of reporting to enhance client communication through greater data transparency.
    • Easily share reports and other materials containing Data Viewer analytics with clients and relevant third parties.
    • Get a holistic view of your entire portfolio with unique capability to combine multiple asset classes and portfolios.
    • Create custom expressions and formulas for client-specific monitoring, analysis and reporting.
    • Upload proprietary data for customized benchmarking and reporting.

    Data look-through, sharing, analytics and visualization over the full product life cycle

    • Quickly analyze loan-level exposures, whole-loan positions, loan inventory, portfolio exposures, and composition across multiple assets.
    • Create online tear sheets and enhanced reports to easily share with third parties.
    • Aggregate risk across investment portfolios, and compare your production and performance with peers.
    • Better understand industry trends and portfolio performance through cohort analysis.

    A wide variety of visualizations, customizable to your specific needs

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