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    Economic Data and Forecasts: Specialized

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    Moody's Analytics is a trusted provider of economic data and forecasts for a wide range of specialized datasets that meet the needs of financial institutions, governments, investors, and other professionals. From commercial real estate prices to consumer credit, we provide granular views of current and expected conditions.

    Leverage timely forecasts of specialized datasets maintained by a trusted source

    • Forecasts are based on a quantitative econometric model that accounts for interrelationships among all sectors of the economy and our specialized expertise.
    • Forecasts include specialized datasets from trusted, authoritative sources, such as Equifax, CoreLogic, and Brookfield RPS, as well as public sources.
    • Monthly updated baseline forecasts and alternative scenarios, with a 30-year forecast horizon, are also available.
    • Data and forecasts are based on our fully transparent and documented methodology, managed by our team of expert economists and data specialists.

    Gain forward-looking insights on various segments and asset classes

    • Grasp key performance drivers, including macro and regional economic, industry, consumer, and financial market dynamics.
    • Leverage integrated macro and regional economic data, forecasts, and scenarios into your business processes.
    • Save time and resources by leveraging our off-the-shelf data and specialized forecasts and alternative scenarios.
    • Improve confidence in your planning and interactions with internal stakeholders, using fully transparent data.

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