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    RPS, a leading provider of Canadian residential real estate valuation and business intelligence, and Moody’s Analytics, a leading provider of regional economic forecasting, have partnered together to bring you the most authoritative Canadian house price forecasts.

    The most authoritative house price forecasts in Canada, now available at the most local level.

    • Forecasts of condo apartments, single family detached and in aggregate, nationally, and sub nationally for 10 provinces, 33 metro CMAs, 100+ census agglomerations CAs, 1,000 cities / towns CSDs and 1,500 neighborhood FSAs.
    • Forecasts are based on a fully specified and documented economic model that accounts for supply and demand dynamics and long-term influences.
    • Forecasts include a baseline and up to nine alternative scenarios, each with an written narrative.
    • Forecasts are updated monthly reflecting the latest data and expectations and have a 30-year horizon.

    Benefit from forward-looking insight on the performance of residential house prices for a variety of predictive applications.

    • Identify opportunities to target growth areas, improve customer retention and conduct more localized and precise analyses.
    • Stress-test your mortgage portfolios against a range of shocks to assess the impact of real estate downturns.
    • Validate models and calculate capital allocations to better determine management actions and distributions.
    • Use as input for reporting to regulators, executives, board of directors and investors.

    The RPS-Moody’s Analytics House Price Forecasts are highly regarded by lenders, insurers and stakeholders to help measure, manage and mitigate residential real estate risk.

      The RPS-Moody’s Analytics House Price Forecasts are recognized as the authoritative source for baseline and alternative scenarios built on trusted global economic data - now at the national and local levels.

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