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Used by leading financial institutions around the world, the RiskOrigins software is a next-generation, credit decisioning and monitoring platform that delivers improved risk management over the credit life cycle. The software offers a robust framework for regulatory compliance while helping banks retain their competitive edge through improved efficiencies and time-to-cash for customers.

Integrate your credit decisioning and risk management

  • Leverage financial analyses with the option to use your own rating models or Moody’s Analytics award-winning models.
  • Work in a flexible workflow environment that integrates deal structuring from initiation to approval.
  • Maintain a single repository with consistent, auditable, and transparent capture of credit and risk-related data.
  • Structure simple or multi-layered facilities that support your risk mitigants and covenants framework.
  • Develop an efficient and traceable framework at the entity and portfolio levels for risk appetite and limits management.
  • Ensure loan write-ups and documentation are available in a variety of formats.

Originate credit your way

  • Get a single, consolidated view of risk from deal to portfolio level across complex borrower relationships and deal structures.
  • Perform advanced credit risk assessment with "what-if” ratings, modeling the impact of stressed scenarios.
  • Streamline and standardize your credit underwriting process to provide more consistent and more profitable outcomes.
  • Assess, monitor, and manage the impact of new and existing deals on risk appetite limits at the single-entity and portfolio levels.
  • Automate tracking of financial covenants against historical spreads with breach alerts to notify you of violations.
  • Enjoy full auditability of deal approval, conditions precedent, and covenant adherence, ensuring you are compliance ready.
  • Collaborate using a flexible workflow framework to become more productive across your team.

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Moody's Analytics | Credit Assessment

Credit Assessment

Automating the process of financial spreading and credit scoring increases loan application volume and helps lenders make better credit decisions.

Moody's Analytics | Credit Decisioning

Credit Decisioning

Our commercial lending solutions are flexible and robust enough to support whatever loan structures, pricing, or conditions you require to reduce risk.

Moody's Analytics | Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring

Proactively monitoring the financial health of borrowers and the risk level of your loan portfolio increases the profitability of your lending business.