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    The RiskCalc Scorecard Suite provides a scalable, intuitive, and accurate framework for evaluating the default risk of niche asset classes. Credit risk professionals can assess probability of default (PD) across different sectors including Non-Banking Financial Institution (NBFI) and Project Finance transactions.

    Use as a standalone model, as an input to internal scoring, or as a benchmarking tool

    • Process multiple entities quickly with a user-friendly, flexible solution.
    • Use term structure metrics to help monitor how the default risk changes over long time horizons.

    • Access details on key risk drivers that affect the credit risk of an entity to help make objective credit decisions and eliminate assumptions.

    • Take advantage of embedded additional overlays to account for affiliate, government, or parent support that considers sector-specific characteristics.  .

    Increase efficiency and gain confidence in your credit risk management process

    • Overcome modeling challenges with our ready-to-use solution that can be integrated easily into your existing risk management framework.

    • Improve efficiency across the organization by enabling your teams to focus on results, not time-consuming processes.
    • Adopt forward-looking views of risk for efficient monitoring of your portfolio.

    • Gain confidence in your credit risk management process with extensive training and support from our expert team.


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