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    RiskAnalyst software is designed to improve the accuracy of your risk management by capturing financials in a consistent manner and producing dual risk ratings – probability of default (PD), and loss given default (LGD) – across both your commercial and industrial (C&I) and commercial real estate (CRE) portfolios.

    Get Flexible, Integrated Credit Risk Assessment

    • Leverage a dual risk-rating platform to calculate probability of default (PD) and loss given default (LGD).
    • Save time with industry-compliant templates and a flexible chart of accounts.
    • Perform scenario analysis based on historical data using system-generated and/or manual assumptions.
    • Integrate with Moody’s Analytics credit risk management models including RiskCalc™, CreditEdge™ and CMM™.
    • Report from a single source of all borrower and transactional risk data.

    Improve Credit Decisioning and Operational Efficiency

    • Get a complete view of each borrower across company financials, personal financials, real estate portfolio, and other pertinent data.
    • Make better lending decisions based on risk measurement metrics and standardized spreading templates to avoid data entry errors.
    • Streamline credit decisioning and gain operational efficiencies by having a single source of data you can query and report upon.
    • Build a solid foundation for regulatory compliance with strong data integrity and a range of reporting options.
    • Create your own rating models or use Moody’s Analytics award-winning out-of-the-box risk-rating models.

    Get up and running fast

      Our professional services team has done hundreds of RiskAnalyst software implementations. The team's experience ensures that your can effectively use the RiskAnalyst application from day one. Thereafter, our award-winning support team addresses any technical and usability issues you may have. We also provide consulting and training tailored specifically to your organization.

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