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    Regional Financial Review

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    Banks, governments, investors, and other professionals must account for changing economic conditions to manage risk and opportunities effectively. The Regional Financial Review publication provides forward-looking, in-depth analysis and data on US macro and regional conditions and trends, as well as global, national, and subnational economies.

    Leverage timely, comprehensive insight on all sectors of the economy

    • Expert analysis on timely topics such as the US and global outlook, credit trends, industry trends, and regional indicators of comparative advantage.
    • Executive summary and forecast assumptions by Mark Zandi, Chief Economist at Moody's Analytics.
    • Commentary on economic trends in US states and metro areas, as well as global subnational areas.
    • Key data series, plus macro and financial forecasts for all US states and the top 50 US metropolitan areas.

    Benefit from our detailed analyses and forward-looking insights for your risk management and strategic planning needs

    • Identify investment opportunities and risks by evaluating areas with growth potential and strong economic performance.
    • Evaluate the impact of fiscal and monetary policy changes of the US and international economies.
    • Manage exposure in areas facing key economic risks.
    • Analyze trends in housing, employment, and migration to develop effective marketing to key demographic groups.
    • Understand linkages across global economic regions.

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    Economic Research

    Moody's Analytics provides comprehensive economic analysis to help clients understand key economic drivers across all geographic levels.