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    Risk Data Suite (RDS) is a family of data feed solutions covering all current issuer and issue-related credit ratings by Moody's Investors Service, available twice daily or on an intra-day basis.

    Comprehensive Service

    • Corporate and structured finance: Provides ratings and related information from our sister company, Moody's Investors Service, on corporates, financial institutions, and sovereigns, available as an organization- or instrument-level service.
    • Organization service: Supports the integration of issuer-level ratings and related organization-level information from Moody's Investors Service.
    • Instrument service: Supports the integration of instrument-level ratings and related instrument-level information from Moody's Investors Service.
    • Public finance: Supplies Moody's Investors Service ratings and related information on the US public finance sector at the sale, instrument, and organization levels.
    • Historical data service: Offers a comprehensive history of Moody's Investors Service credit ratings for the corporate and structured finance organization and instrument services, and the public finance service.

    Moody's Investors Service Ratings Data at Your Fingertips

    • Convenience, speed, and accuracy of a direct feed of Moody's Investors Service credit ratings to your databases.
    • Reduced risk, cost, and time compared with the manual processing of rating information.
    • Electronic tracking and recording of ratings.
    • Compatible format easily integrates into your company’s systems.
    • Simple matching with industry-standard identifiers, such as CUSIPs, ISINs, Financial Information Global Identifiers, and Legal Entity Identifiers.


      Moody’s Analytics electronic information delivery products support the integration of Moody's Investors Service ratings and related information directly into proprietary applications to facilitate analysis and improve data integrity.

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