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    QRATE (Quantitative Ratings Estimator)

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    The QRATE model allows you to estimate how a change in an entity's financials will impact its Moody's Investors Service credit rating, adding depth to your credit analysis of public finance entities across segments.

    Key Features

    • QRATE calculates values for expected loss and average loss given default to help you dive further into the details of an entity’s credit risk.
    • Quantitatively derived Q-Ratings are designed to estimate how changes to an entity's financials might impact its Moody's Investors Service credit ratings.
    • Credit models for six US public finance sectors, including local governments, airports, water and sewer, higher education, healthcare, and not-for-profit organizations.

    Key Benefits

    • Estimated quantitative ratings for both rated and unrated entities serve as a “second opinion” to supplement your own credit assessment process.
    • QRATE helps you quickly evaluate how a change in an institution’s financials may impact its credit quality.
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