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      Moody’s Net Zero Underwriting module is an extension of the Moody’s ESG Insurance Underwriting solution, providing (re)insurers with a detailed understanding of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with their insurance underwriting portfolios. The solution is designed to assist customers in their efforts to meet the demands of the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) Accounting and Reporting Standard Target Setting Protocol. Our integrated solution combines Moody’s comprehensive corporate datasets, name matching, PCAF accounting calculations, and portfolio analytics.

    Combine data, name matching, calculations, and reporting for underwriting

      Moody's Net Zero Underwriting module can help your company:

    • Calculates Insurance Associated Emissions (IAEs) and data quality scores to facilitate customers’ efforts to meet the PCAF Standard, with fully transparent calculation methodology and data sources.
    • Provides access to comprehensive emissions and revenue data, allowing customers to ensure portfolio target boundaries reflect a material and relevant portion of their portfolios.
    • Identifies and validates the correct insureds in a portfolio using advanced name matching capabilities.
    • Enables flexible drill down to analyze and report emissions by industry, sector and/or geography.
    • Helps (re)insurers understand and explain volatility in IAEs over different reporting dates.
    • Supports customers in building decarbonization targets in line with their commitments.

    Helps customers ensure no gaps in their ESG portfolio

      Moody’s has been a pioneer of ESG analysis for more than three decades. Our database of 450 million company records, coupled with our ESG score predictor algorithms, enables us to provide GHG emissions for more than 290 million public and private companies, helping insurers assess their often-diverse portfolios.

      Want to know more?

      Learn how our net zero solution can help your organization measure and report the emissions associated with your underwriting. Request a discussion today.

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