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    Market-Consistent Economic Scenario Generator

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    The Market-Consistent Economic Scenario Generator is a suite of stochastic asset modeling tools in a flexible framework that allows insurers to produce risk-neutral scenarios to value optionality in insurance liabilities, as required by regulatory and accounting regimes. Risk-neutral modeling is also used for hedging and risk management activities.

    Generate market-consistent scenarios

    • Leverage risk-neutral scenarios for liability valuation. Models are calibrated to market data where appropriate, resulting in market-consistent liability values.
    • Gain a robust and easy-to-use automation framework to support the production of many stress and sensitivity calibrations.
    • Benefit from comprehensive calibration services covering a wide range of economies and asset classes, produced to exacting standards of governance and quality assurance.
    • Receive comprehensive documentation of all models and calibrations, including calibration reports, model methods, calibration methods, assumption updates, and policy and compliance documents.
    • Implement a suite of financial models covering many asset classes and sophistication levels.

    Get up and running quickly with modeling options to meet your requirements

    • Combine easy-to-use software, calibration services, comprehensive documentation, and expert advisory services to get up and running quickly.
    • Choose modeling options for the major risks and asset types, and also for your own requirements, considering the nature of your liabilities and level of sophistication.
    • Model a wide range of assets in a flexible framework, including equities, nominal and real interest rates, corporate bonds, real estate, currencies, and hedge funds.
    • Minimize run times using advanced software with a range of automation and performance scaling capabilities, including grid and cloud computing.
    • Benefit from an ongoing and extensive R&D program which continually reviews and updates our models and methods as new techniques become available.

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