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    Ki is a platform, designed for business-users in the structured and asset-based funding market. Ki Improves funding decisions, increases operational efficiency and mitigates risk.

    Insight Module

      The Insight module is the foundation for the rest of Ki. Insight performs user-defined and industry standard collateral servicing calculations to "bridge the gap" between the obligor's and investor's perspective of the data. Embedded within the Insight module are powerful reporting and domain specific business intelligence capabilities.

    Funding Module

      Funding is a powerful module for organizations looking to select assets for inclusion in various types of structured funding vehicles. This includes term securitizations, whole loan sales, pledging, warehouses, conduits, REITS, etc.

      The funding module redefines the way asset selection for structured funding is performed by leveraging a complex mixed integer solver, which not only solves based on funding vehicle specific eligibility and exclusion criteria, but also ensures that source pools stay in compliance.

    Waterfall Module

      The Waterfall module is a powerful tool for setting up the waterfall and capital structure associated with securitizations, warehouses and other types of structured finance instruments.

      It is highly flexible with respect to structure types, triggers, credit supports and bond distribution types. Once the deal structure is established, the Waterfall module works in conjunction with the Insight module to automate various types of structured finance reporting.

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