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    Ki is a platform, designed for business-users in the structured and asset-based funding market. Ki Improves funding decisions, increases operational efficiency and mitigates risk.

    Tired of waiting for your IT staff to get you the data you need in the format you need it?

      Ki puts the power of analyzing your critical information in your hands  … from ingest to visualization

      Cohort Analysis


      User-defined calculations and aggregations

      Covenant tracking

    Still “working around” your source systems and relying on Excel to get that analysis you need for the Rating Agency, Investment Bank, important Investor presentation or maybe just internal analysis?

      Ki ‘s  business intelligence is designed specifically for the structured and asset-based funding market

      One-click user defined visualizations

      Stratification - current period and historical

      Static pool analysis

      Ad-hoc reporting

    Still making funding decisions the old fashioned way after all these years? Does your current tool’s definition of “automation” really mean using software to iterate through lots of manual steps in order to “optimize” your new securitization, warehouse line, pledge or whole loan sale?

      Ki is a paradigm shift for structured and asset-based funding; making the selection process associated with new funding simple, fast, intelligent and automated

      Pool selection with user-defined eligibility criteria

      Automated optimization scenarios incorporating all funding vehicle covenants

      Scenario override - include, exclude or substitute assets

      Tagging and other extract files

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