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Global ABS Portal enables Issuers, Originators and Sponsors to comply with Simple, Transparent and Standardized (STS) Securitisation as well as Bank of England (BOE) disclosure requirements

Global ABS Portal

    Launched in June 2008 in collaboration with AFME, it stores
    » Loan Level Data
    » Liability Waterfall
    » Investors feed their projected collateral cash flow into the waterfall
    » Investor Reports
    » Offering Memorandum
    » Deal Documents

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Moody's Analytics | Structured Credit Models

Structured Finance Sell-Side Solutions

Moody’s Analytics offers a number of solutions for sell-side structured finance market participants

Moody's Analytics | Securitization Insurance PlatformsMoody's Analytics | CECL

Structured Finance Solutions for Issuers, Trustees & Lenders

Moody’s Analytics Securitization solutions support the full spectrum of structured finance requirements and enables operational efficiency, reduces risk, improves deal execution and reduces program costs.