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    The Moody's Analytics CAP solution delivers transparency and efficiency throughout the modeling lifecycle. Powered by Moody's Analytics proprietary data and proven modeling frameworks, it empowers organizations to tailor internal models or third-party models to their unique experiences, and to build, validate, and monitor models quickly and at scale.

    Drive business growth and operational efficiencies with state-of-the-art model management

    • Access Moody's Analytics industry-leading proprietary data in a centralized location for model development, calibration, verification, and monitoring.
    • Use Moody’s Analytics frameworks for model development, validation, and monitoring of probability of default (PD), loss given default (LGD), market risk, and machine learning models. 
    • Easy-to-use model deployment and integration tools for publishing models as APIs that can integrate with internal systems and other Moody’s Analytics solutions.
    • Generate automated model documentation for models developed within the platform using the step-by-step model builder.
    • Streamline model management for registry and inventory of models and their validation status, access controls for varying levels of users, and audit trails of modeler actions and model runs.
    • Facilitate a highly interactive and collaborative environment throughout the modeling lifecycle for project and information sharing using tags and comments. 

    A cloud-based solution that encompasses the lifecycle of risk and finance modeling

    • Build more robust models by augmenting internal data with Moody's Analytics data.
    • Accelerate model development and deployment processes to effectively meet business priorities and deadlines.
    • Benchmark models against Moody's Analytics off-the-shelf models and machine learning models to improve model performance.
    • Develop custom models tailored to your organization's footprint with the embedded step-by-step model builders.
    • Easily monitor your model performance using proven Moody's Analytics methodologies.

    Tap Into Our Unique Advantage: Moody's Analytics Proven Modeling Expertise

      The CAP solution helps businesses maintain a competitive edge by automating the modeling lifecycle to build and deploy models quickly, and at scale. It provides access to Moody's Analytics proprietary data sets, modeling expertise, and validation and deployment toolkits to improve efficiencies. The platform enables modelers to expedite time-consuming processes, so the business can make informed decisions faster, to mitigate financial and regulatory risk while improving profitability. 

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