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    Moody’s Analytics RiskCalc™ BondScore China solution delivers credit risk evaluation of bond issuers in the Chinese market. Credit and investment professionals can assess the probability of default (PD) of issuers across various sectors, including the local government financing vehicle (LGFV). Our solution covers more than 7,000 corporate issuers in China and differentiates the risk profiles for defaulted and non-defaulted issuers.

    Standardized internal risk evaluation for the emerging Chinese bond market

    • Quickly look up issuers by name with an easy-to-use solution.
    • Monitor probability of default and associated ratings generated for the issuers in various sectors, including LGFV, based on the standardized PD models
    • Powered by 17 different scorecard models, the solution covers all main risk drivers that characterize each industry segment
    • Understand the impact of each risk driver for a comprehensive, in-depth analysis
    • Benefit from peer analysis that compares metrics of the issuer to similar entities in the industry

    Increase efficiency in your credit risk management process

    • Accelerate your internal model management process with models that are tested and upgraded by Moody’s Analytics
    • Take advantage of regularly collected, maintained, and updated models that are built using public data
    • Seamless integration with your internal systems through our cloud-based platform
    • Gain confidence in your credit risk management process with extensive training and support from our expert team

    Advisory services and custom models

      Moody’s Analytics provides leading off-the-shelf scorecards for risk assessment of bond issuers in China, accessible through our web interface or API. Our Advisory Services team can help customize scorecard models to meet your existing internal credit assessment process and capture risk drivers relevant to your environment, portfolio, and lending practices.

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