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    Moody’s Analytics AXIS actuarial system is widely used by life insurers, reinsurers, and consulting firms for pricing, reserving, asset and liability management (ALM), financial modeling, capital calculations, and hedging. The AXIS actuarial system provides the flexibility to deploy large-scale computing power through an advanced cloud-based delivery platform or installed software.

    Deploy large-scale computing power for actuarial and financial information

    • Access software for pricing, valuation, modeling, financial projections, asset and liability management, and surplus adequacy requirements.
    • Project future monthly cash flows from starting liabilities and invested assets, for up to 100 years.
    • Generate valuation data, for financial reporting, and time-critical production of actuarial reserves simultaneously, on statutory, tax reporting, and other bases.
    • Evaluate blocks of business using projections of profitability and movements in surplus; evaluate the impact of reinsurance or changes in premiums and other plan values.
    • Benefit from the fully integrated additional modules for liability products, in-force assets, and reinvestment assets. 

    Support multiple business applications

    • Perform a wide variety of actuarial applications with the same software, utilizing common assumption and business data.
    • Produce full financial projections with customizable reports, based on in-force business and defined levels of sales of new business.
    • Perform stochastic risk analyses of future economic scenarios using mathematical models with user-defined parameters, and project asset and liability performance linked to scenarios.
    • Design new products and solutions for life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness, savings products, and payout annuities to reach target profitability or other performance metrics.
    • Analyze policy and calendar year information to help understand the effect on both the income statement and balance sheet.

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