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    Auto Finance Risk Management Solutions

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    Moody's Analytics expertise in auto finance and award-winning analytical platforms enhance and optimize processes, improve portfolio performance, and enhance returns. Our solutions cover the full spectrum of auto finance, putting you in the driver’s seat to make more informed decisions.

    Funding Optimization

      We provide a powerful platform to gain domain-specific insight into asset performance, optimize funding decisions, and support complex data analytics and monitoring.

    Lending Risk Management

      Our trusted loss-forecasting modeling solutions provide integrated economic data and scenarios, for auto lending portfolios and collateral pools underlying asset-backed security transactions.

    Operational Risk and Compliance

      Our infrastructure solutions streamline and support regulatory, audit risk and control demands, including prospectus disclosure, asset review certifications, and reporting.

    Structured Finance Risk Management

      Our robust cash flow modeling solution expertly assesses the credit quality of the underlying collateral in your portfolio and the effect of the economy on performance.

    Structured Finance Securitization

      We provide a complete infrastructure solution to support all securitization activities - from pre-issuance, to collateral and cash management, reporting, accounting, and compliance.

    Vehicle Residual Value Forecasting

      Our solution for forecasting existing and future residual vehicle values under baseline and stressed scenarios, is purely quantitative, free of the subjectivity and bias common in other tools.

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