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    Moody’s Analytics AnaCredit Reporting Module helps banks to respond to AnaCredit and provides a strategic platform for addressing future regulatory requirements. Leveraging our global regulatory reporting expertise, it delivers an automated, flexible, and scalable regulatory solution.

    Employ a modular platform, containing data management, calculation, and regulatory reporting to respond to AnaCredit reporting requirements

    • Collect, catalogue, and reference data using the data management platform, which is compatible with other data platforms, using open-source technology, and big data for robust performance.
    • Configure the process required to generate reports, including region-specific reports, and maintain regulatory reporting set-up and configuration.
    • Ensure consistency and reconciliation with Basel III and other reporting processes; for example, COREP, FINREP, IFRS 9, by using common data definitions and calculations.
    • Use the workflows within the application to manage processes, including automated report generation. Manage accuracy with built-in report validation rules.
    • Analyze output, adjust, and resubmit records, if needed, using the technical format for electronic submission.

    Efficiently address AnaCredit reporting and set the foundation for future reporting

    • Consolidate your data into our unique data lake technology, which places all your data in a single, convenient place for analysis.
    • Access our Financial Risk and Data Directory (FRD), a tool designed to consolidate risk from multiple systems.
    • Leverage our regulatory reporting experience and expertise in responding to national and regional reporting requirements.
    • Ensure consistent reporting, even as supervisor rules evolve.We deliver and maintain configurations to help you adapt to AnaCredit reporting requirements in a timely manner.
    • Prepare for the future. Once implemented, AnaCredit Reporting provides a scalable framework that can form the basis for other regulatory reporting, such as ECB’s Securities Holdings Statistics.

    Experience the powerful technology behind Our AnaCredit Reporting Module

      Moody’s Analytics AnaCredit Reporting Module leverages Hadoop big data technology to bring you a faster and more efficient solution.

      Hadoop is an open source, Java-based programming framework that supports the processing and storage of large datasets in a distributed computing environment. It uses elements, such as Spark and Yarn, to provide the functionality for the storage, management, and analysis of large amounts of structured and unstructured data, quickly, reliably, and flexibly.

      Other benefits of using the Hadoop framework include:

    • Easy and cost-efficient implementation, thanks to the open source nature of the framework.
    • Ability to process multiple workloads simultaneously, ultimately delivering greater performance.
    • Reliable and high performing datasets that can withstand large queries.
    • Ability to store data in any format, including semi-structured and unstructured formats.

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