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    Moody's Analytic’s ABS System has been the proven solution for enterprise structured finance administration for the past 30 years. While still widely used in the industry, the core value proposition inherent in the ABS System, as detailed below, is being re-platformed and significantly enhanced, leveraging the latest in cloud enabled technology. As part of this, it is also being rebranded as Ki

    The solution for enterprise structured funding administration and reporting

    • Collateral Management: All aspects of the complex collateral management process inherent in structured finance and asset-based issuance is fully automated reducing risk of manual error to mitigate risk and improving operational efficiency by simplifying internal and investor reporting
    • Bond Administration and Investor Reporting: Calculating waterfall results, producing investor reports and automating the monthly close associated with structured and asset-based issuance is fully supported providing organizations with a controlled, auditable infrastructure and significantly reduced operational risk
    • Top Off and Repurchase: The manually intensive, iterative structured/asset-based top off and repurchase process is automated and simplified which incorporate key deal covenants
    • Cash Management and Accounting: Generating payment instructions, managing special purpose entity cash and booking collateral and trust accounting entries are handled seamlessly through our platform adding governance, control and auditability to what is typically a spreadsheet driven process
    • Regulatory Reporting: ESMA, Reg AB, Reg AB 2, Bank of England, RBA, ECB and Dodd-Frank 942 (Risk Retention) are addressed through our tools allowing issuers to easily comply with and ensure ongoing adherence to these key regulatory requirements 

    The ABS System provides for

      Operational Efficiency

    • The ABS provides full business process automation for structured finance administration; saving time and freeing up resources.
    • The ABS System is capable of supporting multiple asset classes, multiple accrual types, and different deal structures.  As a company’s structured finance programs grows, additional deal types/structures and asset types can be accommodated.
    • Risk Mitigation

    • Global regulators have made it clear that relying on manual processes or spreadsheet-driven “systems” without proper controls is far from “best-practices” as it relates to managing structured finance transactions. Furthermore, as evidenced by certain high-profile situations, “getting it wrong” and making a reporting error can be painfully expensive. Meanwhile, the ABS System provides organizations with a true infrastructure and significantly reduces the risk of mistakes and lack of controls, typically seen with non-controlled, spreadsheet processes which tend to be “owned” by key individuals and are subject to manual error.
    • All manual entries to the system as well as processing exceptions are recorded by the ABS System.
    • All outputs from the system are retained in a secure database, to ensure that you have a full record of what was sent to the investor and other parties.
    • Better Deal Execution

    • The ABS System’s ability to support complex calculations and structures ensures you are able to issue deals with features that offer the most attractive pricing without a concern for existing system limitations
    • Reduced cost

    • Managing structured finance transactions is complex and can be personnel intensive. With the ABS System however, organizations are able to scale and grow their programs without adding staff.

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