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    A powerful and comprehensive global structured finance administration solution to handle your global needs from deal closing to clean up call. ABS Suite is a modular system that provides issuers with a common platform for all asset classes.

    ABS Suite

      Allows users to drag-and-drop items to copy trusts, deals, deal components, pools, and other  transaction structuring details

      Graphical User Interface (GUI) that reflects the underlying business concepts

      Filtering capabilities to improve navigation for larger programs

      Ability to copy and paste from Excel to minimize manual inputs

      Validation of inputs to minimize input errors

      Logs and messages to inform users of the status of processes and to document past events, including the initiator and results

      A configurable servicing wizard and workflow module to reduce manual effort by guiding and automating administrative processes

      Maker/checker to provide the necessary controls and approvals for a complex program

      User access controls sufficient to allow for segregation of duties and other controls needed to administer a sophisticated securitization program

    Maximum flexibility

      ABS Suite provides a customizable data architecture that is easily adjusted to accommodate an unlimited number of asset classes, interfaces, and transactions. Our unique diagramming technology is a visual tool that is used to define the waterfall and related calculations for even the most complex structures, such as delinked master trusts, with no programming changes. In addition, custom calculations can be defined via a powerful business rules engine

    Increase scalability and operational efficiency

      The ABS Suite architecture provides scalability, allowing your program to grow without an incremental increase in resource requirements. With ABS Suite’s copy functionality, issuing a new transaction can be as easy as copying an existing deal structure . Our workflow automation allows processing to run unattended and minimizes precious work hours required to perform multiple tasks . ABS Suite’s relational database provides a centralized data repository that can hold data across multiple issuance programs and asset classes  The automated processing allows your team to focus on analyzing results.  The automated processing allows your team to focus on analyzing results.

    Mitigate risk

      ABS Suite automates the data exchange between upstream systems, such as loan servicing, origination, and loss management systems, and downstream systems, such as the general ledger. Standard and customized data validations are performed on both inbound and outbound interfaces.

      A “four-eyes” approval process is designed such that changes to any business rule, deal structure, or report are reviewed and approved. Robust audit controls permanently log the results of all calculations, configuration changes, and user-access updates with both user and timestamp information. Role-based security allows customized application access rights

    Enhance business intelligence

      Through a combination of a single data repository and robust reporting tools, ABS Suite provides advanced investor and management reporting. The user is able to easily view the performance of a single transaction or the entire platform in standardized or ad-hoc reports. User-friendly report-writing tools put your organization in control of producing the reporting needed to analyze, monitor, and administer your programs.



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