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    August 2020 WebPage Moody's Analytics

    Introducing the Moody's Analytics COVID-19 CRE Impact Dashboard

    Watch a quick tour of the new COVID-19 CRE Impact Dashboard, designed to help commercial real estate (CRE) market participants assess how the Coronavirus crisis is affecting CRE fundamentals across U.S. markets.

    April 2020 WebPage

    Exploring the CreditLens™ solution

    Effectively managing your covenants

    September 2019 WebPage

    Exploring the CreditLens™ solution

    Enhance Your Risk Grading

    July 2019 WebPage

    Exploring the CreditLens™ solution

    Automated Spreading by QUIQspread™

    June 2019 WebPage

    Explore the CAP™ solution

    Take a sneak-peak into a platform that can help you manage and collaborate on modeling analytics across your company. The Moody's Analytics CAP solution empowers organizations to tailor their own models or third party models to their unique experiences, and to build, validate, and monitor models quickly and at scale.

    March 2019 WebPage

    Explore the CreditLens™ solution

    With a unique blend of technology and data analytics, the CreditLens solution helps transform and truly automate your credit business. Watch this 3-minute demo to learn about some of the exciting features and overall value of the solution.

    January 2019 WebPage

    Learn more about Lending Cloud

    Lending Cloud helps streamline your credit management process from origination throughout the life of the loan. Watch this 3-minute demo to learn how Lending Cloud can help your business.

    April 2018 WebPage

    CMM™ (Commercial Mortgage Metrics) Feature Tour

    The CMM (Commercial Mortgage Metrics) tool is the leading analytical model for commercial real estate (CRE) mortgage loans.


    RiskAuthority™ Feature Tour

    Take the RiskAuthorityTM Feature Tour and see how RiskAuthority can take you through all the steps you need to comply with Basel I, II & III.


    Feature Tour: Introduction to Scenario Analyzer

    Learn more about how Scenario Analyzer enables lenders to understand the impact of changing market conditions, allows users to effectively identify and mitigate risks and manage portfolios, and allows credit modelers to develop sound models by testing them through various sets of assumptions.


    Moody's Analytics Credit Skills eLearning

    Learn what's new in Moody's credit and risk eLearning solutions.


    Credit Certifications

    Watch this informative video to learn more about becoming certified to advance your career.


    Moody's Analytics Stress Testing Suite

    Moody's Analytics Stress Testing Suite helps you establish a collaborative, auditable, repeatable, and transparent stress testing program that informs management decisions and supports your core risk management, finance, and strategic growth objectives.


    RiskBench™ Feature Tour

    Moody's Analytics RiskBench solution is a global online credit risk data community and app platform that provides analytics and peer insight across asset classes.


    How Banks and Credit Unions Can Prepare for CECL Implementation

    In this short video, learn the four key steps institutions should take to prepare for CECL implementation.

    Quantitative Economic Forecasts of Residual Values: AutoCycle™

    Moody's Analytics AutoCycle solution quickly forecasts car values in the secondary market. The solution provides forecasts of car prices in both normal and stressed scenarios, and incorporates cyclical economic dynamics affecting the automotive industry.


    Make Better Small Business Lending Decisions Faster

    Moody's Analytics makes small business lending smarter and faster with solutions that harness technology, data and everywhere access to create a great customer experience, improve risk management and drive greater productivity. Introducing the MARQ® Portal.


    MFRA™ (Municipal Financial Ratio Analysis) Demo

    Moody's Analytics MFRA allows you to view financials and demographics of individual issuers and create your own set of cohorts to create comparable averages.


    Moody's Analytics Stress Testing Suite Feature Tour

    Moody's Analytics Stress Testing Suite helps you establish a collaborative, auditable, repeatable, and transparent stress testing program that informs management decisions and supports your core risk management, finance, and strategic growth objectives.


    Credit Coach video

    Credit Coach is an online scenario-based diagnostic and remediation tool to improve the credit decision making skills of credit professionals.


    The Moody's Analytics ImpairmentStudio™ Solution Feature Tour

    View a quick tutorial of the Moody's Analytics ImpairmentStudio™ solution, a highly interactive cloud-based platform enabling firms to address the operational complexities of evolving credit impairment accounting standards under CECL.


    Consumer Credit Analytics

    Moody's Analytics consumer credit analytics solutions enable you to assess performance, estimate losses and anticipate risks and opportunities, by correlating lending behavior with current and future economic conditions.


    RiskCalc Feature Tour

    Moody's Analytics RiskCalc solution offers a comprehensive approach to assessing the default and recovery of private firms.


    Managing Credit Risk for Commercial Real Estate Feature Tour

    How do economic conditions impact debt-service coverage for commercial properties? At Moody's Analytics we help clients use data and modelling methodologies to forecast property income for all metropolitan areas.


    Moody's Analytics EBU Video

    Moody's Company History


    Global Model and Scenario Studio Feature Tour

    Moody's Analytics Scenario Studio enables you to produce custom scenarios in a multi-user environment with process controls that provide complete oversight.


    Scenario Studio / Alberga el modelo macroeconómico global de Moody's Analytics

    Plataforma basada en la red para la generación colaborativa de escenarios


    Economic View Feature Tour

    The Economic View-Real Time information service is the single web-based source that covers the global economy and financial markets around the clock.

    WebPage Ryan Sweet


    Access the flexible wizard, combined results page with key performance indicators, quick links, cut and paste financial data from Microsoft Excel directly into the application and much more.

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