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    Moody's Analytics Webinar: CreditEdge/Public Firm EDF Online Training

    Please join us for a complimentary online training session on Moody's Analytics CreditEdge to obtain a practical understanding of the industry-leading model for estimating public firm probability of default.

    November 2019 WebPage Moody's Analytics

    Moody's Analytics Webinar: CreditEdge/Public Firm EDF Online Training

    Please join us for a complimentary online training session on Moody's Analytics CreditEdge to obtain a practical understanding of the industry-leading model for estimating public firm probability of default.

    September 2019 WebPage Moody's Analytics

    Moody's Analytics Webinar: Topics@CreditEdge – Dealing With Fallen Angel Risk

    Fallen Angel risk results from the possibility and price impact of bond downgrades from investment grade (IG) into high yield (HY).

    Moody's Analytics Webinar: Dr. Kohl's Prescription to Surviving and Thriving the 2019 Ag Challenges and Beyond

    Join Dr. David Kohl, professor emeritus, Virginia Tech, and Doug Johnson from Moody's Analytics as they discuss the “Prescription to Surviving and Thriving” the challenges we face in agriculture today and in the foreseeable future.

    June 2019 WebPage Doug Johnson, David Kohl

    Moody's Analytics Webinar: Ag Lenders - 2019 Ag Commodity Markets and the Bumpy Road Ahead

    Join Doug Johnson from Moody's Analytics and Mike Pearson, co-host of Ag News Daily, as they discuss the uncertainty and volatility of the agriculture commodity markets and the impact they're having on producers and ag lenders alike.

    May 2019 WebPage Doug Johnson, Mike Pearson

    Beyond Compliance: Extending the Value of Risk Insights

    The risk function has emerged as an important strategic decision-making partner for critical functions such as business development, finance, operations, and technology.

    May 2019 WebPage Roshni Patel, Mehna Raissi, Jin Oh

    Moody's Analytics Webinar: Make Better, Faster Credit Decisions with Automation

    Make Better, Faster Credit Decisions with Automation

    May 2019 WebPage Annie Choi

    Moody's Analytics Webinar: Ag Lenders: Can Your Producers Afford to Keep Farming?

    2019 is shaping up to be the “year of tough decisions” for many ag lenders and producers.

    March 2019 WebPage Hinton Michael, Doug Johnson, Kuzel Jason

    Identifying At-Risk Firms in Your Private Firm Portfolio

    Identifying At-Risk Firms in Your Private Firm Portfolio

    October 2018 Pdf Dr. Douglas Dwyer, Gustavo Jimenez , Ziyi Sun

    Improve Your Lending with Scores from RiskCalc™ Small Business

    Moody's Analytics recently released the RiskCalc™ Small Business solution as part of our ongoing efforts to help lenders better understand and serve their small business clients.

    September 2018 WebPage Dinesh Bacham, Lucia Yang

    Choosing the Right Cloud-Based Credit Origination Solution

    An evaluation of features, functions, and security

    July 2018 WebPage Annie Choi, Jill Coppersmith, Brian Cox

    Dr. Kohl: Ag Trends and Borrower Behaviors

    Moody's Analytics hosted special guest presenter and agricultural economic expert, Dr. David Kohl, for a special session on the outlook of ag lending in 2018.

    June 2018 WebPage Doug Johnson, David Kohl

    New Generation of Credit Decisioning

    Increasing demand for credit has opened up the marketplace to a host of new tech-savvy lending providers. To compete in this new landscape, banks are changing their approach to credit management in order to provide faster and more convenient service to their clients.

    May 2018 WebPage Nelson Almeida, Dr. Jamie Stark

    Ag Lending – Experience of Living Through the Cycles

    Moody's Analytics hosted special guest panelists Sam Miller from BMO Harris and Steve Ausdemore from Citizens State Bank for a discussion on what you can expect and prepare for in upcoming economic cycles.

    April 2018 WebPage Doug Johnson

    Applications of Alternative Data in Credit Decisioning

    With an immense amount of available data generated worldwide within the last two years, the next evolution of banking analytics will include information from a variety of open and closed sources.

    April 2018 WebPage Eric Bao, Irina Korablev, Rama Sankisa, Dr. Janet Zhao

    2018 Ag Markets and the Potential Impact to Your Portfolio

    What can Ag lenders do to prepare for this renewal season and provide borrowers with more “value-added” insights?

    February 2018 WebPage Doug Johnson, Mike Pearson

    Ag Renewals in 2018 – Preparing for the Challenges Ahead

    Agriculture renewals in 2018 are presenting some major concerns for banks and producers alike. Moody's Analytics is hosting a special, client only webinar to help prepare for the upcoming renewal season.

    December 2017 WebPage Doug Johnson

    CECL: for Community Banks – Are You Prepared?

    Join Moody's Analytics for an informative webinar discussing FASB's new Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) standard and what you can be doing now to prepare.

    November 2017 WebPage Eric Snyder

    Leveraging Technology to Transform Commercial Credit Origination — Build Versus Buy

    In this webinar, David Ratnage, Senior Director, Credit Assessment & Origination at Moody's Analytics addresses some of the key areas of debate when banks consider the buy versus build approach when investing in commercial lending platforms.

    October 2017 WebPage David Ratnage

    Rent Rolls at Risk - Assessing Commercial Leases

    Proper assessment of your prospective borrower's future cash flow from rental income involves both a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the underlying leases. Understanding these key drivers will allow a lender to properly prepare a rental rate sensitivity analysis to stress test projected income.

    September 2017 WebPage Robin Russell

    Data Analytics and the Future of Credit Risk Management

    The future is closer than you think – start shaping your risk management future today. Banking is becoming more future oriented and data analytics can help financial institutions be on the forefront of innovation.

    August 2017 WebPage Eric Snyder

    Unleash your Predictive Power and Drive Profitability

    Listen in as Moody's Analytics experts discuss using alternative forms of data combined with traditional financial data for a high-level dose of risk management when considering smaller loans.

    June 2017 WebPage Michael Schwartz

    Dr. Kohl's 2017 Ag Views From the Road

    The current Ag cycle is taking a financial toll on producers and Ag Lenders alike. Dr. Kohl has been traveling across the farmlands of North America and shares a unique perspective on where he sees the future of Agriculture lending.

    June 2017 WebPage Doug Johnson, David Kohl

    Ag Renewals from a Regulator's Perspective – Today & Beyond

    Join Doug Johnson, Sales Director at Moody's Analytics, as he shares the concerns of Ag lenders and producers from around the US. Also, hear from Nick Hatz (Federal Reserve Bank) and Kelly Lammers (Nebraska Dept. of Banking & Finance) who will provide best practices to help banks thrive in today's economy.

    April 2017 WebPage Doug Johnson

    2017 Ag Lending – The Journey Ahead

    Here's some “Food for Thought”: Production vs. Markets vs. Marketing Plans. Doug shares how production was key in the 1970s and the driver to bragging rights in the coffee shop.

    March 2017 WebPage Doug Johnson

    Using Technology and Analytics to Optimize Every Step of Small Business Lending

    Hear Moody's Analytics experts share how lenders can improve productivity, decrease costs, and better manage risks in each step of the loan origination funnel using the next generation of technology and analytics.

    March 2017 WebPage Michael Schwartz

    Five Reasons Why Banks Must Modernize Their Credit Process

    This informative webinar led by Kevin Begg, a former commercial banker who spent many years in traditional banking, explores five reasons why banks should consider technological solutions to their loan origination headaches.

    January 2017 WebPage Kevin Begg

    Writing Effective Credit Memos and Loan Narratives

    One size does not fit all when it comes to credit memos. Their primary purpose is to organize borrower information into a concise, consistent format in order to tell a story.

    December 2016 WebPage

    Top 5 Regulations Commercial & Ag Lenders Should Know

    Compliance may be a sore spot for some bankers, but non-compliance is certainly worse. The challenge for lenders is to make profitable loans while not running afoul of any regulatory requirements.

    November 2016 WebPage Ann Brode-Harner

    The Future of Small Business Lending

    Learn how leading organizations are leveraging technological advances and risk assessment to: streamline processes; build more efficient, consistent, and profitable small business lending practices; and, enhance the customer experience and provide more value to their constituents.

    September 2016 WebPage Helene Page
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