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Welcome to Moody’s CreditView - Structured Finance. Facts and figures, research, analysis and methodologies are all laid out in a single, consolidated view.

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Dealing with data can feel like hunting in the dark. With Moody’s CreditView - Structured Finance, you’ll have a clearer picture.

Deal details, research, and ratings news; performance data; rating methodologies; and relevant sector research are all laid out in a single, consolidated view. You get the full picture, and the facts behind the picture, simply and fast.

Moody's CreditView – Structured Finance helps you spend less time wrestling with a mass of information, giving you more time to make considered credit decisions.

Extensive Deal Coverage

See tranche-level data and key news and research specific to the 13,500 deals Moody’s rates globally.

Deal Performance Data

Dive deep into up-to-date, detailed data about collateral and tranche performance for each deal.

Comprehensive Industry Research

Stay abreast of the most recent insights into industry events that may impact a deal.

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Get valuable analysis of industry trends for a range of sectors and regions. Includes our popular Structured Finance Quick Check.

Timely Default Research and Data

Monitor the global structured credit market with information including rating migration trends, the distribution of downgrades by original rating and vintage, rating transition metrics, and new downgrades.