Navigating the credit impact of COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has raised many new credit questions, and credit quality across asset classes has been impacted by this pandemic. Our unparalleled data and analytic resources can help you answer these questions and understand the impact on your portfolio.

Supporting your clients and the community
Whether you already use Moody’s Analytics solutions, or are new to our world, we have tools to help you serve your clients and community members who have been most impacted by this crisis. Our solutions help you to gain access to valuable information about borrowers or suppliers, interact with your clients while practicing social distancing, and incorporate insights from these interactions into your existing workflows. 
Preparing your business and workforce for tomorrow

While nobody has a crystal ball to know with certainty what will happen next, we can provide you with detailed projections of disease trajectory and its impact on our economy. Our solutions include impact assessments, forecasts, scenarios, and employee-education courses to help guide your next business decision and long-term strategy.

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