Produce Scenarios Based on Moody's Analytics Global Macroeconomic Model

Delivered through Scenario Studio, Moody’s Analytics Global Macroeconomic Model emphasizes stability, forecast accuracy and consistency of forecasts across concepts. Variables are forecasted using a simultaneous system of structural economic equations that allow for a variety of cross-country interactions through demand, price and financial market linkages. Learn More.

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Designed with rigorous forecast governance at the core, Moody’s Analytics Scenario Studio enables you to produce custom scenarios based on our global model, in a multi-user environment with process controls that provide complete oversight. Scenarios can be created for 100+ countries/jurisdictions and 10 regional aggregates.
Key Features

Collaborative Access and Integration

Develop multiple scenarios individually or with others simultaneously, in a web-based environment. Integrate forecasts into your workflow seamlessly through our API and Excel Add-In.

Comprehensive Coverage

Create scenarios for 100+ countries/jurisdictions and 10 regional aggregates, out to 30-years. Evaluate monthly updated forecasts for 10,000+ economic and financial time series.

Full Transparency and Auditability

Trace linkages through full transparency of equations and data. Audit using an annotated change log of edits to forecast assumptions.

Effective Process Controls

Test edits in a local environment before committing to the master forecast. Configure user access control to data and platform functions.
Use Cases

Stress Testing

Mitigate risk by proactively assessing losses and capital levels under various scenarios. By linking your performance drivers to the global economic activity represented in our scenarios, you can generate more realistic results.

Expected Credit Loss (CECL/IFRS 9)

Produce defensible scenarios for stress testing and expected credit loss requirements, using multiple probability-weighted scenarios that are based on a fully defensible model methodology.

Business & Contingency Planning

Strategically plan for potential economic impacts on the performance of your portfolios and business. Assess thousands of series under various scenarios, including GDP, unemployment, demographics, prices and more.

“What If” Scenario Analysis

Run your own idiosyncratic scenarios based on our highly-regarded forecasts and quickly produce answers with reliable scenario outcomes.
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