Web-based Scenario Building Application

Facilitates real-time economic forecasting for individual and teams in a collaborative environment.

Hosts Moody’s Analytics Global Macroeconomic Model

Covers 70+ countries, 10 regional aggregates and 12,000+ economic, demographic and financial time series.

Designed with Rigorous Forecast Governance

Provides full transparency and process controls for complete oversight of scenario creation process.

What If
"What If" Scenario Analysis
  • Quickly produce answers with reliable scenario outcomes.
  • Evaluate scenarios across multiple geographies and segments.
stress testing
Stress Testing & Loss Forecasting
  • Produce reasonable and supportable scenarios for international stress tests and ECL standards.
  • Use auditable and repeatable features for compliance, i.e. CECL, IFRS9, CCAR and ICAAP.
Economic Forecasting
  • Produce your own idiosyncratic scenarios based on our global macro model.
  • Obtain value from advanced features that provide full control over output.
Key Features
Comprehensive Coverage
  • Create scenarios for 70+ countries and 10 regional aggregates, up to 30-years.
  • Evaluate results for up to 12,000+ economic and financial time series.
Collaborative Access & Integration
Robust Editing & Visualization Tools
  • Simulate shocks through direct manipulation of variables.
  • Visualize your changes through interactive dashboards, charting and data tables.
Complete Documentation
  • Leverage documented model methodology and validation.
  • Access monthly updated scenario assumptions narratives.
Effective Process Controls
  • Test edits in a local environment before committing to the master forecast.
  • Configure user access control to data and platform functions.
Full Transparency & Auditability
  • Direct access to equations and data to trace linkages.
  • Audit using an annotated change log of edits to forecast assumptions.
Produce Forecasts Based on Moody's Analytics Global Macroeconomic Model

Delivered through Scenario Studio, Moody’s Analytics Global Macroeconomic Model emphasizes stability, forecast accuracy and consistency of forecasts across concepts. Variables are forecasted using a simultaneous system of structural economic equations that allow for a variety of cross-country interactions through demand, price and financial market linkages. The historical data series in the model are sourced directly from original sources to ensure the most accurate and timely information. Learn More.

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