Imagine the future of regulatory compliance
Imagine the future of regulatory compliance
Our regulatory compliance solutions are industry-leading and award-winning, but we are not resting on our laurels. We leverage open source technologies and partner with technology innovators to improve our existing solutions and create the new generation of cloud-native, SaaS solutions. Our mission is to support end-user autonomy and control through data visualization, and leverage big data technologies to help you embrace the future.
Our RegTech Solutions
Banking Cloud
Introducing the new generation of cloud-native, SaaS regulatory compliance and performance solutions for risk and finance functions. These solutions feature a cloud-native technology stack, enhanced business intelligence, data management, and industry-leading reporting tools. Among the first solutions to be offered on this new platform are our Transactional Reporting Tool, Credit Risk Weighted Assets (RWA) engine and Regulatory-Reporting-as-a-Service, - all bringing you hosted, flexible, and scalable regulatory solutions. 
RiskFoundation™ Suite Hosted
RiskFoundation Suite Hosted brings you Moody’s Analytics RiskAuthority™ platform, RiskConfidence™ ALM and Impairment system, RiskFoundation™ Discovery, Regulatory Reporting Module, and Scenario Analyzer solutions, all available as hosted services. These award-winning, industry-recognized solutions are cloud-enabled and can be deployed in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments to fit your needs. They cover various regulatory requirements and accounting standards, such as IFRS 9, CECL, ALM/IRRBB, and Basel I, II, and III. 
Benefits of our Software-as-a-Service model
Total cost of ownership
Our SaaS subscription model reduces the total cost ownership by as much as half compared to on-premise. There is no upfront licensing fee, no hardware, server, network, or backup costs. Maintenance costs are reduced as well, compared with the traditional model.
Time to benefit
Our cloud-native solutions come to you installed, configured, and ready to use. We handle the infrastructure, so you have time for the rest of your business.
Easy maintenance
Don't worry about maintaining your hardware or software infrastructure, or aligning it with your operating system. In our solutions, processes such as data backups and bug fixes are automated, effortless and efficient.
Scalability and integration
Our SaaS solutions are easily resized to adapt to your changing needs in terms of performance or storage capacity. Scale them up or down, easily integrate with other solutions – all without having to buy another server or software.
Seamless upgrades
The previously tedious process of a software upgrade is now smooth, instant, transparent and requires no resources from your side. At any point you can be sure that you have the latest, most up-to-date functionality.
Our SaaS solution adopts the latest security provided by world-class cloud provider, Amazon Web Services. Whether in transit or at rest your data is encrypted end-to-end, giving you peace of mind.
Content Library
BankRegTech Talks: Benefits and challenges of SaaS migration
This webinar gives an overview of ways to harness the benefits of the cloud, while ensuring compliance with global regulatory regimes. Highlights include: five main benefits of cloud vs. on-premise software and what to consider when moving to SaaS.
Regulatory big data – The costs and challenges of better supervision
This webinar looks at the challenges facing banks as data requirements expand, considering initiatives such as AnaCredit, as well as similar big data initiatives globally. The panel includes representatives from European Central Bank, Moody’s Analytics, Bureau van Dijk, and Santander.
BankRegTech Talks: Recommendations and best practices for SaaS security
Adoption of SaaS offerings is reaching new heights in the banking industry, but some questions about SaaS security remain. In this webinar Yann Delacourt from Moody's Analytics, and Dave Walker from Amazon Web Services discuss best practices for a secure and compliant SaaS migration.
Operational resilience in the time of COVID-19: SaaS to the rescue
This whitepaper addresses the implications of the coronavirus on banks in terms of regulatory reporting. It illustrates how SaaS can provide solutions by enabling banks to be agile during the current crisis, future shocks, and remote working.
Reporting as a Service Putting Power Users in the Driving Seat
Reporting as a Service - Putting Power Users in the Driving Seat
Banks can improve their regulatory reporting processes only by giving greater independence and flexibility to those who understand regulatory frameworks and who anticipate future changes. These subject matter experts are known as power users.
RegTech - Enabler of the shift from compliance to performance
Regulatory technology started as a way for the financial services industry to deal effectively with new regulations. Moody's Analytics, together with, conducted a survey of bank compliance, technology, finance, risk and regulation personnel about the various issues around regulatory protocols coming their way.
Featured webinar: Minimizing the cost of regulatory compliance through RegTech
Featured webinar: Minimizing the cost of regulatory compliance through RegTech
Listen to Moody’s Analytics and UK Finance discuss how regulatory technology, coupled with regulatory expertise can transform your regulatory compliance into a strategic tool while minimizing the cost.
The ever-widening world of RegTech
The ever-widening world of RegTech
As regulatory technology continues to take hold, the banking industry is being introduced to new ways of collecting and analyzing the vast amounts of data that is being generated. What started as a way of efficiently meeting the regulators' latest demands is now being used to improve day-to-day decision-making. These observations were put forward in a recent conversation between and Moody's Analytics.
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